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“Giana Viscardi, one of the brightest young talent’s in Brasilian Music”
Neli Pereira – Jungle Magazine, London, 2007


marvin_magazineAbout Giana Viscardi and Michael Ruzitschka:
“The sweetest punch”
“A guitar player sits by her side and both are hypnotizing about fifty people. The chemistry between this girl and her guitarrist is profound. The color of her calm and perfectly controlled voice walk over the nylon strings like a trapezist on the cord. Without safety net.”
Humver Polar – Marvin Magazine, Mexico, 2007



“The nation of the singers” – Veja Magazine –  Brazil, 2007



“The partnership of Giana Viscardi from São Paulo and the Austrian Michael Ruzistschka is one of the brightest revelations among the new composers who are creating a contemporary MPB”
Nelson Motta – Radio Sintonia Fina, Rio de Janeiro, 2007



“Among so many recents revelations, Giana needs to be pointed out. Her voice has an uncommon richness of colors”
Leandro Oliveira – Joyce Pascowitch, São Paulo, 2007



“Connected with what is happening all over the world, the new sounds of São Paulo enter the spotlight”
Cristiano Dias – Vogue Magazine, São Paulo, 2007



“Directed by Filo Machado, the veterans Jonny Alf, Joyce, João Donato and Roberto Menescal meet the new generation…young and refined singer like Giana Viscardi.”
Lauro Lisboa – Estado de São Paulo, 2007



“Pointed out by artists as Chico César, Arnaldo Antunes and Nelson Motta, Giana Viscardi is considered one of the recent revelations of brazilian music.”
Tatiane Freitas – A tarde, Salvador, Bahia, 2007



“Giana Viscardi shows the power of the new generation of MPB”
Ana Cristina Pereira – Correio da Bahia, Salvador, 2007



Giana Viscardi puts more spice into the recipe of samba.
“On the cd 4321 Giana sings with a irresistible groove and jazzy improvisations, having a youthful quality that provokes smiles of joy. She dominates de language of samba like few of her generation are able to do.”
“Ruzitschka plays samba with a mastery that places him alongside the great Brazilians players of the genre.”
Lauro Lisboa – Estado de São Paulo, 2006



“4321 is a landmark in the history of MPB.”
Megumi e Zezi – MPB Magazine, Japan, 2006



“No borders.”
Heinhold Gruber – OÖNachrichten, Austria, 2006



“A magic moment for the lovers of Brazilian Music…”
Luxembourg Wort, Luxemburg, 2005



Giana appears tonight on TV at the Festival da Cultura
“Giana lives travelling between Europe and Brazil and is now finalizing her second solo CD 4321.”
Monica Bérgamo – Folha de São Paulo, 2005



“Giana is a great promise for the renewal of MPB…, she reveals herself not only as a great singer, but also a talented songwriter.”
Lauro Lisboa – Estado de São Paulo, 2005


estadao_5Good news in the country of the female vocalists
“With a lot of talent and sophisticated repertory young female singers appear on the scene to renovate the MPB.”
Lauro Lisboa – Estado de São Paulo, 2005



Brazilian homecoming
“Giana Viscardi is a determinated young lady…”
Monica Bérgamo – Folha de São Paulo, 2003



Giana reveals beautiful voice
“A promising revelation…with a delicious and most accurate voice, the beautiful Giana Viscardi come back to Brazil ready to happen.”
Carlos Calado – Folha de São Paulo, 2003



“Giana has samba in her voice and her heart.”
Steyrer Rundschau, Austria, 2003



“Giana Viscardi and other Brazilian performers are playing in front of bigger crowds.”
The Boston Globe – EUA, 2002


“Giana Viscardi combined her technical and musical sensibilities to express an amazing variety of emotions and moods.”
Alexander Jan Sartakov – Berklee Student Voice, 2002

ober“What a clebration of senses, What energy and passion.”
Marcus Frei – Oberbayeriches Volksblatt, Germany, 2002


aa“Giana Viscardi impressed the audience with her complete talent as a singer, playfully administering the musical heritage of her native country.”
“…the band exploited its tonal possibilities in a very imaginative way.”
Aargauer Zeitung, Switzerland, 2001



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